The process of turbine oil conditioning involves filtration of oil based on the principal of water and particle removal by the means of coalescence and separation technology. Turbine oil is heated until it reaches the optimal temperature for purification and afterwards it is driven through filtration vessel where oil conditioning is preformed.


Movable Unit with four rotating wheels

Oil retaining tub

Flow rate 1250 I/h

380V 3 phase 50 Hz

Three-way electic actuated valve

Inlet suction stariner

Liquid and water level gauge

Coalescer element

Separator element

Differential pressure gauge

Unit, size approx. 2000x800x1440 mm

Unit, weight approx. 300 kg

Units of various sizes and heating capacities can be produced in accordance with specific requests of the Client. Temperature load of the heaters in all of our transformer oil filtration plants is less than 1 W/cm2 ensuring that any damage of oil is excluded.

turbine oil filtration unit type T 1250

turbine oil filtration unit type T 1250 Turbine Oil Filtration Unit Type T-1250

turbine oil filtration unit type T 1250Capacity: 1250 I/h

turbine oil filtration unit type T 1250Heating capacity: 9,6kW

turbine oil filtration unit type T 1250Filtration: 1 microns

Turbine oil filtration unit T-1250.pdf

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